Detroit in Portraits

What is Detroit in Portraits?

portrait of a security worker - detroit in portraits
One of many great Detroiters.

   Detroit in Portraits is a portrait of the people and their spirits who comprise the great city that we call The Motor City, as well as home.  Portraits served up in bite sized “meet your neighbor” postings that give you an intimate look at the people all around you on a daily basis during your time in the city.  These are just a sampling of the varied individuals that you may come in contact with during your time in Detroit.  These are the Detroiters that together help make and keep our city a fun, interesting, growing, vibrant and wonderful place to work and play.  The individuals spot-lighted on this web site are putting their best foot forward to make Detroit a great place once again.


detroit firefighter at detroit in portraits
Another incredible Detroiter working to save Detroit lives.

Why do we need Detroit in Portraits?

In a word…Unity.  A way to bring Detroiters together to promote the city we love in the most positive manner. It is a fun and exciting way to look at the city of Detroit on a person to person basis.  A way to see how you, along with other great Detroiters, can prove to yourselves and others that the sum of the parts truly is greater than the whole.  To celebrate the people and the positive vibe they produce creating a tidal wave of change throughout the city.  Detroiters make Detroit the city it is.  A city that beckons the whole world to come and experience the Detroit experience.


young woman in hart plaza detroit - detroit in portraits
A lovely Detroiter enjoys an evening in Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI.

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