Portrait of FITTEAM member - Detroit Portraits

FITTEAM Is At Comerica Park – Detroit Portraits

Portrait of FITTEAM member - Detroit PortraitsWe met up with Jessica at Comerica park and she was looking great in her FITTEAM attire.  When asked what FITTEAM was, Jessica replied… “It’s an all natural organic supplement that helps people lose weight, have energy and feel better about themselves.” So, less the “all natural organic” part, it sounds a lot like what running around Detroit all day does for me!



Portrait of FITTEAM Jessica - Detroit PortraitsWhen it comes to what Jessica loves in Detroit, she was quick to answer… “The baseball games.  The football games.  The hockey games.  All of it!!!” I think it’s safe to assume that Jessica loves her sports. But I’m rather sure that last sentence really meant all of Detroit in every way and the awesome people that make the city. Am I right Jessica?

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  1. What an amazing time Jessica and I had with Tony! Love being a Detroiter! So happy we could share Fitteam and our love for Detroit! Thanks Tony for this AWESOME opportunity and to be part of your vision of Detroit!! Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much Katrice! The energy that you and Jessica had was incredible. Both of you overflowing with bright, fun personalities. Could it be the FITTEAM? Whatever it is, I like it and you girls personify my vision of Detroit! Keep an eye out, I will be posting on you within the next few days.

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