portrait of tony lafferty at detroit in portraitsHello, my name is Tony Lafferty.  I have been a professional photographer in the Detroit area for over a decade and have been interested in photography since prior to entering grade school.  Yes, that is a long time!

The city of Detroit has long been one of my favorite places to photograph, being especially drawn to shooting portraits.  When I came across the Humans of New York Blog, I thought it was a really interesting concept.  Ideas of how to use a similar style of blog to chronicle and empower the incredible people of Detroit began to fill my head.  While I absolutely loved the rough concept of the site, I was not so excited about the imagery or the lack of purpose of the site.   That is where I feel I can really improve on the basic concept and make Detroit in Portraits a much more compelling site.

We’ll start with the framework of a simple photo blog.  The purpose of the blog will be to shine a light on the positive attitudes and actions of the incredibly resilient people of Detroit and on all of the good, creative, hard work they are putting into our city.  I will do my best to keep the imagery to the highest quality of portraits and together we will show the rest of the world what it means to call yourself a Detroiter!

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All photography provided and copyrighted by Tony Lafferty.
Prints are available in the store at: www.tonylafferty.com