Portrait of Brian Day - Detroit Street and Fine Art Photographer

Brian Day – On the Street with Detroit In Portraits

Talking all things Detroit with Street and Fine Art Photographer Brian Day.

This is a really special post for me to write.  Brian Day is not only a fellow photographer, but also a very dear friend.  I ran into Brian last week.  We were both doing our thing when we looked up and saw each other.  Instant smiles, hand shakes and hugs followed.  We caught up quickly and the conversation inevitably turned to all of the changes going on in Detroit.   The metamorphosis going on is incredible.

Portrait of Brian Day - Detroit Fine Art Photographer
Brian Day – Detroit Fine Art Photographer

Being the honest, humble and selfless person that he is, Brian agreed to an interview for Detroit in Portraits.  On his fondest memory of Detroit, Brian said ” My fondest memory of Detroit is going to Boblo with my parents, as a child, and riding the Boblo Boat home at the end of the day.  Listening to the Dj with the skyline in the background and hanging out with my family.”

As for a favorite place in Detroit, Brian says “You can’t beat Belle Isle for the view and the relaxing atmosphere,”  The “Big Thing” going on in Brian’s life at the moment?  “The big thing in my life is just looking after my family, you know? . As my parents are getting a little older,  being there for my sister and her family and of course, being there for my wife. Being a good husband.”   Opening up his heart to the people of Detroit, Brian shared this little known fact about himself with Detroit in Portraits; “Yeah. So in 2001 my sister was diagnosed with leukemia and she and I did a stem cell test.   We found out that I was a 100% match for her to donate my stem cells.  So I did that in late 2001, donated my stem cells for transplant, and she has been healthy and happy.  She now has three kids, is married and is a good mother.”

Portrait of Brian Day - Detroit Street Photographer at Detroit in Portraits
Brian Day, Detroit Street Photographer, workin’ it!

As a photographer, I couldn’t help but ask Brian his favorite part of being a photographer in Detroit?  “The Detroit story…”  I felt the need to interrupt my good friend and let him know that I was expecting him to say shooting with Tony Lafferty!  With a chuckle, Brian continued  “Well, Tony Lafferty is part of the Detroit Story, of course, hahaha.  But Detroit’s is evolving in real time, you know?  The history books are being written faster here than I think they have ever been written before.  Because the city has gone from being at like, the lowest of the low, in ten years to now being one of the most re-emerging, vibrant, growing cities in the nation.  And a lot of people still don’t know that!  And so it is fascinating for me having been born and raised here.  You know, as a photographer you get kind of bored with your own hometown.  But things are changing so much that  every time you go around a corner now, there is something that wasn’t there last week, because there’s new stuff coming up.  So, Detroit is like there are so many blank pages, still waiting to be written.”

Thanks for all you do for the city, the love you bring to it and for being such an awesome Detroiter Brian.

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