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Why Yes, That is Roop Raj – Detroit Portraits

Today started off with meeting Fox 2 News roving reporter and news anchor Roop Raj in Downtown Detroit. Roop was kind enough to give us a few moments to take a couple of portraits and then allow us a quick interview.

Portrait of Roop Raj at Detroit in Portraits
Fox 2 News Reporter Roop Raj

When asked  what he likes to do in Detroit, Roop responded… “I love to be in Detroit. I love to work in Detroit and I love to tell the story of this comeback. Because, no place in the world are you seeing a city come back block by block. This is the only place in the world that it is happening. The only other place it happened before, in recent history, was New Orleans after Katrina. I was there for that. So, to come home to the place I grew up in Detroit and tell this great American comeback story has been exhilarating on the most mundane, daily basis. Every day there is something new and awesome happening.”


Portrait of Roop Raj of Fox 2 News - Detroit Portraiture
Roop Raj Posing for Detroit in Portraits

I must say that Roop was an extremely personable and well spoken gentleman. A true pleasure to meet and to interview. He really loved the idea of Detroit in Portraits and even joked that perhaps he should be interviewing us! Thanks Roop.


All photography provided and copyrighted by Tony Lafferty.
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