Detroit Portraiture - Alley Portrait

Detroit Portraiture – Fun in the Alley.

Detroit portraiture can be accomplished anywhere in Detroit.

Detroit Portraiture - Tanisha
Fabulous Detroiter Tanisha

Portraiture is my favorite type of photography because I find people so darn interesting.  I love to meet and talk to people on a daily basis. It can really be an eye opening experience.  When I think of Detroit Portraiture, I think of Detroit as one of the 20 largest cities in the nation with an unlimited number of locations and subjects.  On this particular day I ran into these two beautiful Detroiters, Theresa and Tanisha.  When asked her favorite memory of Detroit, Tanisha replied “My fondest memory is the people of Detroit.  I love the people and we come from all aspects of life.  We come from the rich and the poor.  From black and white and it’s lovely.”

Detroit Portraiture with Theresa in a popular alley
Super Detroiter, Theresa.

I asked Theresa what she would like to say to her fellow Detroiters, and soon to be subjects of my Detroit Portraiture series, she said “Keep working hard because we’re going to make it! We’re going to make this city better. It’s going to be…I just think it is going to be even better. Detroit is on the rise and it’s getting better and better.”  What is Theresa’s passion in life? “I want to become a doctor, so that’s my passion.”  As for where she sees herself in five years? “In medical school, of course!” followed by a chucle.

Detroit Portraiture - Portrait of John in a popular Detroit alley
Lady’s Man and all around awesome Detroiter… John.

As I thanked the ladies and started my way out of the alley,  John asked if he could get in on the fun.  That’s just how the people of Detroit are.  They want to experience everything and have no hesitation to jump in with both feet.  I asked John to describe to me what he thought his style was.  “My style?  I’m a real smooth, cool type of guy, you know?  Yeah, I get along with everybody.  I love people.  I’m very interested in people… definitely in people, but definitely women!”  All I have to say is spread the love John, spread the love.


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