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Basketball Star at Campus Martius – Detroit Portraiture

Portrait of a Basketball jump shot in Detroit - Detroit Portraiture
Daquan laying one up in Campus Martius

Meet Daquan.  He is short on words, being the quiet type.  But he is not short on basketball skills to say the least!  Did he make the basket behind his back?  Well, maybe you will have to look for him yourself when you are in the Campus Martius area and have him show you in person.   When asked his favorite memory in Detroit, Daquan replied, “Going to my first Lions game.”   When prodded for a bit more on being a sports fan he said, “I like baseball and soccer, but basketball just sticks with me!”

Portrait of a Basketball Superstar - Detroit Portraiture
Campus Martius Basketball Superstar Daquan

Though Daquan doesn’t claim to have mad skills with words, like he does on the court, he has a huge message and a lesson for us all to learn from. When asked if he could say anything to all the people of the world, what would he say? Daquan simply said “Thank you!”  Humble, thankful, polite, easy going and an awesome basketball superstar! Thank you Daquan!