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Pulling an Ollie in The D – Detroit Portraits

Portrait of  Skateboarder - Detroit Portraits
Two “rad” Detroiters

Gordon and fiancé Julia were taking a walk in the early morning sunshine when we caught up with them.  With his trusty board in hand, we knew immediately that Gordon was a skater.  That was not so evident with Julia, but obviously she loves something about skateboarding in Detroit, though I got the feeling it was Gordon.  Am I right Julia?  On skateboarding in Detroit Gordon said “It’s not only what I do for exercise and fun, but it’s something I have been passionate about for like fourteen years now. Since I have been in middle school.”


Skateboarding in Detroit picture- Detroit Portraits
A sick Detroiter ready to shred Detroit!

When asked about his favorite memory in Detroit,  Gordon replied “Tiger’s games.  Julia took me to one last summer for my birthday.  She surprised me with my best friend and brother when we got to the seats and the Tigers won!  We’re going to a game tonight, so trying to relive it the best we can.” Well Gordon and Julia, the Tigers won 8 to 6 over the Toronto Blue Jays that evening, so I guess that is about as close to reliving the past as we’ll ever get!