Portrait of a bartender at The Town Pump in Detroit with Detroit Portraiture

Town Pump Tavern – Detroit. A Great Way to Cool Off – Detroit Portraiture

The Town Pump Tavern, serving up great food, drinks and fun in Detroit.


Portrait of Town Pump bartender Lindsay by Detroit Portraiture
Town Pump Tavern refreshing drink aficionado and fellow Detroiter Lindsay

It was a hot day. The heat lifted off the pavement in waves as I walked the city streets.  The Park Avenue Hotel was set to be imploded the following day to make way for the Ilitch family’s latest investment in the city of Detroit, the new Red Wings Stadium District.  Due to previous commitments I would not be able to be present at the implosion.  So, I had set out to shoot some ground level images of the Park Avenue Hotel before she was just a distant memory.  It didn’t take long to work up a thirst in the heat, so I stopped into The Town Pump Tavern to wet my parched throat.  As watering holes go, the Town Pump Tavern is on the upscale side.  A very pleasant Detroit tavern with a warm, rich feel to the décor and a very welcoming and unpretentious atmosphere.  This is the kind of establishment that makes Detroit such a great city and a great place to spend a hot afternoon.


Portrait of Lindsay, bartender at Town Pump Tavern in Detroit
Super Detroiter Lindsay B.

Bartender Lindsay was quick with a cold drink, great conversation and a beautiful smile.  As we chatted, I asked Lindsay if she would mind doing a quick interview and a few portraits for Detroit in Portraits and she graciously agreed.  My first question was, What do you love about Detroit?  Lindsay said  “I like that it is not pretentious and everyone who is here, is here because they want to be.  Also, you have a Underdog mentality here.  It’s not like going to Chicago or New York where people have this overly high opinion of their city.  We know that Detroit is a work in progress and there’s just an interesting…we’re all in this together mentality.”   I then asked Lindsay what her favorite place in Detroit would be?   Lindsay replied, “Obviously the Riverfront. I really enjoy that.  Jacoby’s is a really cool one-hundred year old bar in the city.  It’s just a kind of fun little hole in the wall where you can feel the history around you while you are in it.  It hasn’t changed much since it was built in nineteen-hundred.  So that is cool.  And being in Campus Martius in the center of the city.  Seeing how it is growing.  It is a really fun place to be.”  Thanks for being a Detroiter we can be proud of Lindsay!

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